Your Pet And The New Arrival

A new baby disrupts and turns life upside down for everyone in the household including the pets in the house. The unused, untidy storage rooms, or the office is scouted out to decide which room is going to be rearranged to make space for the new arrival. The hustle, and bustle begins early on in the pregnancy. The house gets purged. There are many adjustments to be made. How do you let the pet in on what’s going on? He’s watching you and maybe he already knows as he picks up one of his stuffed animals and begins to shake it vigorously until the stuffing comes out. He may be showing us just what he thinks of the news and the changes it has precipitated. With all that goes on even a well trained pet may react negatively to the change in attention and focus. Remember he was your “first baby” How will he greet the “new baby” in town? Get you vets advice for what you can do to get Fido ready for babies impending arrival. Positive reinforcements of training techniques should be used consistently before baby arrives. Not being allowed in rooms the pet has spent time in, new smells and most importantly new sounds are things to prepare the pet for. It has also been suggested that you bring an item belonging to the baby home and allow the pet to smell it. Limit the dog and or cat from the chosen baby room before the baby arrives to give them time to make the necessary adjustments in their environment. Set up routines such as the times you will walk your dog and when he eats etc. Plan areas for play away from the babies room. This is the time to try new training techniques to correct problem behavior, use words and sounds in your training that the dog responds to best.Give lots of praise. Be sure that at all times you are in control of your pet.

Hopefully as time goes by your pet will respect your baby as a “new leader” in the family and bond well with your growing child.

Steps for Helping Your Pet Adjust to a New Baby

Before the Baby is Born

  • Make sure your pet health needs and vaccinations are up to date. A healthy pet is a happier pet. Make sure your pet has had a physical exam and that no underlying health concerns exist.
  • Take care that your pet is well groomed. Keep your pets nails clipped. Long nails may accidentally scratch your baby.
  • If you haven done so, consider having your pet spayed or neutered. Doing so now will help decrease the jealous feelings that may cause both dogs and cats to mark their scent around the house.
  • Consider obedience training for your dog. Every dog should understand the commands of come and sit. There are many books to help you teach your dog these basic commands, as well as many dog obedience courses for you to consider. Contact your local pet supply store or veterinarian for information about dog obedience classes in your area.
  • Address any serious behavior problems. If you have problems disciplining your pet or your pet has anxiety, seek the help of a specialist before the arrival of your baby and be sure to get the specialist opinions of how your pet will react once the new baby arrives.
  • Consider behaviors you will want to change after baby arrives and begin working to change them now. If you allowed your pet to jump freely into your lap before, now is the time to teach your pet not to do so. Block access to areas that will be “off limits” for several months before the baby arrives, for example, no longer allow your pet to enter the room that will be the nursery when the baby arrives. Consider laying double stick tape onto furniture to discourage your pet from jumping on it.
  • Begin to spend less time with your pet. Attempt to set a schedule that will mimic the one you will have after the baby arrives. This will prepare your pet for the decreased amount of attention it will receive.
  • Invite friends with babies over for visits. This interaction will allow your pet to get accustomed to the look, smell, and sounds of a baby.
  • Start “playing house”. Carry a baby doll around with you and take care of the doll as if it were a real baby. Change its diaper, pretend like you are giving it a bottle, and rock it to sleep.

After Baby has Arrived

  • Allow your pet to sniff the baby’s belongings before bringing home baby. After the baby is born, bring home a towel or blanket that has the baby’s scent on it and allow your pet to become accustomed to the new baby smell. Do this before bringing home baby from the hospital but after the baby is born.
  • Don’t scold your pet for being curious about the baby. This is natural. Allow your pet to sniff the baby’s feet – a little lick won’t hurt the baby and a positive introduction will go a long way towards a healthy relationship between baby and pet. Brushing your dog or cat away each time your pet comes near your new baby may cause feelings of resentment.
  • Consider having someone else introduce the baby to your pet so that Mom can show the anxious pet needed attention at this time.
  • A gradual process of introducing the pet to the new baby is often recommended. Some experts suggest isolating the pet from the new baby for a few days so it can get used to the idea of Mom and baby together in the environment.
  • If you are contemplating a new puppy or a kitten for your new baby first playmate, you may want to reconsider. Puppies and kittens also have demands that must be met. Consider carefully whether you want to spend time training a puppy or a kitten or if you would rather spend that time with your new baby.

And Most Importantly

  • Do not leave your newborn unattended with a pet.
  • Never leave a dog and a young child unsupervised.

*** This article is for educational purposes only. None of the above information replaces the advice of your OB/GYN Doctor or your Veterinarian. Please contact your doctors for questions, concerns and professional advice.****

Your doctors experience, education and knowledge supersedes all information provided here.

Pet Transport in a Nutshell – What You Normally Ignore

There is great joy in owning a pet. But this joy comes with a great deal of responsibilities. You need to be in a position to address to all the needs of your pet such as grooming, feeding and even regular exercise. Most of the time we are unable to provide all these to our pets due to the hassles of everyday life keeping us away from our homes. Your job might require you to travel a lot or an emergency might suddenly pop up and separate you from your pet.

Does this mean that you must neglect your cat, dog or even canary? Do you leave them to starve and get infested with all the pest species known to man? The answer is no. You should make sure that when you are away there is someone who will take care of your pets for you. This is one of the loose ends that you must tie up before leaving for your destination. For a fee, you can hire an expert who will make sure that your pet is well taken care of. The person of interest should be able to offer pet transport services to ensure that all your needs and those of your pets are met.

What a Pet Transport Service Should Offer to You and Your Pet

The following checklist includes all the basic services that a pet transport firm should offer.

1. Offering transport solutions if you need to travel with your to a preferred destination. This means that the service you subscribe to should offer you a solution if you want to travel with your cat or dog to any destination. This includes offering travel crates, airport pick-ups and drops and even accommodating the pet if you want to meet up with them at a later date.

2. Taking your pet to the groomers for a thorough wash. The ideal transport service should have the required facility to move your pet to the groomers. Preferably, they should have a van that has been fitted with custom safety features to ensure that your pets are safe during transit. With such facilities you can rest easy knowing that your pet is safe and well taken care of.

3. Taking your pet to the veterinary for regular checkups or if the need arises. You should expect the pet transport service to be connected to a network of veterinary clinics. With such a network any sudden illnesses can be fully addressed without any undue delays.

Apart from the checklist above, you should also make sure that the pet transport service you enlist with is run by animal loving people. The people behind this service should know everything that pertains to animal care which is only possible if the people are interested in pets. There is an easy way through which you can find out if the people behind the pet transport service are sensitive to animal needs.

Read their website if they have one. On any decent pet website, you should find a wealth of information as well as articles that relate to the services they provide. The same thing applies for a pet transport website. When you visit the site you should be able to read the articles relating to the services they offer. The articles should be a good pointer of their knowledge in pet transport matters.

If you cannot locate a website, then ask around. There are other people who have used the service and they will offer the information gladly. From their experience you can tell a lot about the competence of the service you are planning to use.

Take a trip to their offices. This is the very best way to identify whether the firm is capable of delivering your pet safely. You will have a front row seat on the services being offered.

This should help you secure the very best service when it comes to pet care.

Using a Virtual Prepaid MasterCard for Online Purchases Gives You More Security

Using a virtual prepaid card gives you more securitySecurity is very important to everyone who dares to enter the online world, especially the parts of the internet that deal with money. Wherever there’s money involved, there will be people who try to take advantage of you.Unless the online shop you just found is using PayPal, you might want to think twice before submitting them your credit card information. There are a lot of scam stores out there that use your personal information for their own benefit and even if the web shop that you used is not malicious, they can easily fall victim to a hacker who will then access all of the people’s personal information, including yours!When you use a virtual prepaid card for these purchases then you don’t have to worry about these things because as the name states, a pre paid card only has a fixed amount of money on it that you have put there yourself. So next time you order yourself an iPhone, try using a virtual prepaid card instead and only add enough money on it to successfully complete the transaction.Virtual prepaid cards are easy to getYou may not even know how easy! For starters, you should try asking your personal bank for either a virtual prepaid Visa or a virtual prepaid MasterCard. There are some banks out there that give them out for a very small fee and you can have as many as you like. Or you can search them online if your bank doesn’t provide them.Virtual card for verificationA lot of virtual prepaid cards can be used to verify your account in big companies like Skrill or PayPal and even Payza. If you don’t have a bank account right now, you can always just use a prepaid card to verify your account. Remember that you can then have the same card attached to your account and make payments to others the same way as you normally would.Get organized by the help of a virtual cardLet’s say you want to make a deposit into your favorite online casino to take some time off on a Friday night. When you submit your own credit card into their system you might not realize how fast it gets drained out! However, when you use a prepaid card, you can only deposit as much as you previously had put on the card. This small change in your routine can benefit you greatly because you will know exactly what your spending limits are and whether you should spend more or not. It’s like a little memo that tells you not to spend too much.These are just some of the ways a virtual card is useful to you. I personally make all my online transactions and orders only using a virtual card and I have never put my own credit card information out there online, not even into PayPal itself even though they are pretty secure.